Teaching your dog through love, discipline and mutual respect


Clients include

  • Kane Brown
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Alan Jackson
  • Emmylou Harris
  • George Jones
  • Garth Brooks
  • Trisha Yearwood
  • Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick
  • Clint Black
  • Matt Hasselbeck (TN Titans)
  • K.T. Oslin

and many more.

Official Trainer for the SPCA of Tennessee

Voted Best Trainer by the readers of Nashville Paw Magazine

Official Trainer for multiple rescue organizations including Proverbs 12:10, Critter Cavalry, Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue and more…

The Dog Counselor


Dr. Kathy Kunkel

Little House Animal Hospital

"I refer my patients to him. He has a quiet dignity about him. What he really does is train the owners, but he teaches without being punitive. When a dog is well trained, it is a happier dog. He encourages emotional stability."

Dr. David Edwards

Belle Meade Animal Hospital

"I liked what I saw. His ability to put owners at rest was very reassuring."

Emmylou Harris

Entertainer and founder of Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue

“We are so fortunate to have Dean Miller here in Nashville – he is our very own “dog whisperer” and helps us to bridge that communication gap between us humans and our noble canine companions”

George Jones

"Dean is great with dogs! He helped our dog Bandit get over her fear. In just an hour she was like a brand new dog!"

KT Oslin

"Dean trains with kindness, a great deal of knowledge and common sense."

Celina Weissenborn

SPCA of Tennessee

"I learned with Dean Miller that consistency and dedication while training your dog will make your new addition to your family your best friend."

Pippa and Debra and Basil

Dear Dean,

Your session was really helpful and he has improved a LOT. Basil is less stressed and less nervous. And we are more calm too. Having rules, making him sit, being able to show him who is boss has all worked. He doesnt blow up and turn into an aggressive scary pomeranian any more. Our friends have all commented on how different he seems. He is no longer in charge of the house, and he's fine with that. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your session was super helpful. Thanks for sharing your time and patience and expertise with us. We felt like you listened and responded and were there to help us.

All the best,

Rhonda Tallent

Animal House Veterinary Clinic

I first met Dean at a fund raiser to help support our efforts with a new animal control facility in Davidson County many years ago. He has been an animal advocate for years and has always been there to support companion animals. It was so great to hear that he had taken his intuitive abilities with animals and provide a means for the community to help problematic dogs. I hand out his cards each week to someone who is struggling with an issue surrounding the dog they have rescued. The fact that people are trying to save an animal from alone, speaks volumes. To have that animal struggling to adapt can be overwhelming. Thank goodness we have Dean's talents to help resolve these difficult situations.

Thank you Dean!

Lisa Niles, Ph.D.

Department of English

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Dean Miller to anyone who wants a compassionate, yet wholly effective, method of dog training. My bichon-poodle mix, Napoleon, is a ten year old male who had serious and, I thought, irresolvable aggression and dominance issues. I adopted Napoleon when he was seven and assumed, based on his past history of abandonment and abuse, that there was no hope for teaching this older dog new tricks. He was barking excessively, growling, and biting. He would try to attack anyone who came to the door and would bark and nip at your heels as you tried to leave the house. He also exhibited behaviors that bespoke a very anxious dog: licking carpet and furniture, shredding tissues and any paper products he could find, and circling almost without ceasing when agitated. I was considering putting Napoleon on mood-altering medication to try to handle the aggression when Dean was referred to me. Thankfully, I no longer need to consider the drug option; Dean's training was the best medicine I could have given Napoleon!

Dean worked with us for one afternoon. He not only demonstrated how Napoleon's dominant and aggressive behaviors were correctable but showed me how much happier Napoleon would be once I was in the driver's seat, so to speak. In one session, Dean taught me how to work with Napoleon in terms of correcting the unwanted behaviors. Even more beneficial was Dean's ability to provide me with ways of stimulating Napoleon on a physical and intellectual basis: we have implemented mini-training sessions; daily walks with opportunities for training; and, for the first time ever, Napoleon is engaging in play! He is much more relaxed and definitely is happier than he has ever been.

Dean has an intuitive understanding of how your dog thinks, what your dog wants and needs from you, and how to communicate effectively with your dog. Since my session with Dean, I have felt a new confidence in dealing with Napoleon, and both of us are enjoying our time together so much more. I cannot recommend Dean Miller highly enough; his approach of calm correction and loving praise is a must for any dog owner.


Lisa Niles, Ph.D.

Department of English

Vanderbilt University


Satisfied Customer,

Napoleon Niles

Jenny Slagle

Wags & Whiskers

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is written in recommendation of Dean Miller, as a dog trainer.

I first came to know Dean and experience his work in my shoppe, Wags & Whiskers. His compassion for the animals was immediately evident, and his ability to combine that emotion with the skill of training them was a notable match.

His methods are individual and relational, not militant or controlling. For these reasons, I highly recommend him, and am sure that those he works with will benefit greatly.

Feel free to contact me, personally, for additional feedback.


Jenny Slagle

Wags & Whiskers

Nashville, TN www.wagsandwhiskersnashville.com

Penney Frazee

Dean Miller came to my house to work with my two Maltese. Within five minutes, a new order was restored to my chaotic household. He pinpointed specific problems that he could see right away with the leadership of our house. One of our dogs was in charge of the house and I didn't even know it. He noticed a behavior by my other dog that was psychological in nature and showed me how to work with various veterinarians to help her, but none of them worked. I saw results after just a few days of working with her.

It will take work to enforce the new principles that he suggested, but it will be well worth it in the end. I finally have hope of reclaiming my house and restoring order without all the barking and chewing we had in the past. He is very professional and gets right to the issues that need to be addressed.

I highly recommend Dean for anyone who has a difficulty with a pet. He really knows how to solve many different problems.

Lou and Nancy Zouain

LaVergne TN

We would like to recommend Dean Miller to anyone who is involved with dogs. We have several rescue dogs and Dean's help with training was invaluable. With his methods we have been able train our dogs the basics so that finding homes for them is much easier. We have found homes for four dogs in the past 3 months. We can now concentrate on rescuing some more that are scheduled to be put down. If more people knew what Dean knows and were able to train their dogs accordingly we would have many less dogs in shelters, as that is the main reason dogs are sent to shelters.

Thank you Dean.


Nashville, TN

Griswald was so scared that he wouldn't even stand upright when we first got him. He would lay on his back, and wouldn't even walk. We have noticed some growling coming from him when we are around other people and sometimes dogs, and it is much worse when a guest comes to the house. Knowing that we couldn't tolerate this type of behavior, we called upon Dean Miller, The Dog Counselor, - who we heard about from several friends. Dean came over yesterday to assess the situation. He was familiar with rescue operation, and we talked about Griswald's behavior. Dean has seen these cases many times, and so often people do not seek the help of a counselor when things like this happen. Dean was amazing with him. He showed us techniques that we the owners should do on a regular basis to install confidence in Griswald. In one hour he made tremendous progress, and taught us very useful